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We have a total irreverence for anything connected with society except that which makes the roads safer and the beer stronger.

Servicing Existing and New Breweries

Every brewer understands that brewing is a complex art of craftsmanship, and technology that is deeply rooted in historical traditions. But, efficiency is very important when it comes to commercial success. However, it is essential to comply with rigorous environmental demands and increasing energy costs. High efficiency, low energy consumption and less environmental impact are therefore the key areas of our solutions.
Apart from providing solutions for setting up and managing new breweries, our principals also support in capacity extensions as well as optimization of processes and performance. Their wide range of cost-effective solutions has enabled customers to meet their targets with significant resource savings and ROI.


Consultancy Service to set up a new Brewery


  • A: Project report for setting up the brewery
  • B: Liasioning with Government Departments for various NOCs
  • C: Helping in procurement of institutional loan for the project
  • D: Create layout design of the brewery
  • E: Present technical specifications
  • F: Assist in civil work
  • G: Entire project engineering details
  • H: Procurement of various machines and equipments
  • I: Erection and commissioning of the brewery
  • J: Staffing solutions to run the brewery

Erection and Commisioning of new Breweries

Right from on-site assessment of feasibility to setting up and operation assistance, our principals have the technology, know-how and manpower to make your dreams a reality. Once your brewery is up and running they can provide you with full technical back-up whenever you need it.
This apart, they can provide microbiological and analytical checks on plant and products, thus keeping your quality at an optimal level. In case you require training, their team offers on-site training, providing complete background knowledge on all the important aspects of the brewing process.


Interior Designing For Brew Pubs

With an experience of setting up and managing brewpubs in India, our principals are technically and creatively empowered to give you the right solution for designing a brewpub. We can help create amazing designs for evocative, memorable and visually inspiring decors, apart from setting the tone and subtly constructing the flow and layout in ways that promote atmosphere and most importantly: help increase sales.

Turn Key Projects

We offer you turnkey solutions for setting up and managing your brewery. We care for and support you with the minutest detail for your enterprise – from the short term individual measure to the long-term overall project, from the small and middle level brewery to a large processing unit.
We provide the following services to set up a Pub

Consultancy Services for existing Brewery

A: Improving quality standards within the brewery
B: Standardization of processes
C: Enhance productivity and reduce costs
D: Streamlining manpower
E: Reduce wastage
F: Solving any key issues
G: Capacity enhancement
H: Upgradation of processes