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Brewing is our life, beer is our water so don’t waste time drinking all kind of
other things which won’t make your life better.


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The focus of BeviClean lies in the development of patent solutions against residues in beverage dispensers. Especially in the open dispensing individual solutions ensure cultivated enjoyment. Enjoyment is generated by constant quality. Satisfaction and trust in the product must be created and especially strengthened on the customer as well as on the industrial side. The quality begins with the drink, extends over the beverage line to the glass and culminates on the palate of the guest. A long way. BeviClean is a company which provides total hygiene solutions for dispensing equipment and glass wares in the beverage sector.

Focus– To develop patent solutions against residues for the complete beverage line maintenance.

Mission– To assure quality, enjoyment and serve healthy!!

BeviClean Products offer the following:

The product range has the right equipment for every requirement to do with beverage line care:
– from self-cleaning equipment to fully automatic equipment
– from chemical stand cleaning to chemical-mechanical cleaning
– for beer, alcohol-free drinks and drinking water lines
– cleaner and disinfectant
– from maintenance to basic cleaning
– glass washing equipment and further bar-related products
– gas warning device for fixed installation and mobile deployment

Bevi Felix Premium
Bevi Felix Standard
Bevi Tab Felix
Bevi Power Felix

The best solution for your glasses to  be washed, with out any breakage. The best part, no  electricity  required, works on water pressure